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Teaching Strategy and Digitalisation

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Recently, the department of teaching strategy has been renamed as “Department of Teaching Strategy and Digitalisation”. Here, multiple projects and strategies are being developed and deployed.

Within our team, we develop and initiate innovations in university teaching so that they can be integrated into the courses. From now on, in order to reflect the growing significance of digital teaching in our work, the department of teaching strategy, which is part of the protectorate for Studies and Teaching, will be known as the Department for Teaching Strategy and Digitalisation. Teaching development occurs in several stages:


Strategy Development: We work in cooperation with teachers, students, and administrative support to create long-term strategies for teaching development, including:


Project Development: The devised strategies are implemented into concrete projects that are carried out in collaboration with many units of the University of Freiburg. Currently, these include:


Funding: Additional resources are necessary in order to successfully implement ideas. Therefore, we are continuously looking to attract competitive third-party funding for teaching, including:

  • “Qualitätspakt Lehre II” by the BMBF: 6,1 Mio. € (2016-2020)
  • European University Alliance EPICUR: 2,8 Mio. € (2019-2022)
  • Funds “Erfolgreich Studieren in Baden-Württemberg FESt-BW”: 1,2 Mio. € (2019-2020), including continuous 370.000 € p.a from 2021 onwards
  • The initiative „Hochschullehre durch Digitalisierung stärken“ by the "Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre": 4,9 Mio. € (2021-2024)


Project Coordination and Networking: In the implementation of the above-mentioned projects, our team not only takes on the implementation of important sub-projects but also the overall coordination. In this way, we offer networking opportunities for all important stakeholders in teaching. We facilitate this by offering events such as the "Tag der Lehre" (Day of Teaching) and successfully aid in applications for funding and/or teaching awards.

Other tasks of the department include supervising the „Notizblog Lehre", the „Instructional Development Awards“ (IDAs) and managing the Permanent Senate Commission on Academic Affairs, the Subcommittee of the Permanent Senate Commission on Academic Affairs as well the regular meetings of the deans of studies.